September 8, 2010


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Freestyle blogging with advanced CMS management and multimedia delivery
specializing in OPINION
combined with amateur web design, photography
and video editing by way of customized WordPress
deployment supporting Joomla, JWplayer, Flash and HTML5 I dont like: Football, NASCAR, False Teeth, Back Pain, Smart cars or Snakes
I am currently employed as a Auto Service Manager in a high end high volume shop
I enjoy taking Sunday drives with my beautiful wife and video documenting lost
and forgotten places in and around Ohio
hobbies include blogging, vlogging, photography and cookingTraining: GM auto trans, emissions, drive-ability, HVAC
NISSAN auto trans, emissions, drive-ability
GM Cadillac customer service management
ASE master certificating
Linux, Unix, Apache, Bind, Sendmail
Microsoft Server, 2000, XP, Exchange, Excel, Word, Power-point, HTML, PHP, SQL, Flash,