February 7, 2012

Biltmore House Vacation 2008 Smoky Mountains

This vacation had some unexpected surprises, We did the usual, dolly-wood, pigeon forge, Mountains, Cable car, but it wasn’t until reading a flyer on things to do that we discovered the Biltmore House. The largest private residence in the USA, this was the best $40 bucks I ever spent. We enjoyed the self guided tour and the winery, ate lunch and spent the afternoon exploring the property. This is wealth beyond your wildest dreams, it was amazing to me that the Vanderbilts could even have the vision to build something so spectacular.

The long driveway up to the house twist and winds through the trees until you crest the hill and round a corner and the mansion is revealed, it’s spectacular site and I can only image what it must have been like back in the early 1900′s trotting up the then four mile long driveway with a house and buggy.

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