November 11, 2012

Abandon Schools in Perry County

In and around the little cities of black diamonds there are many abandon schools. Many of these small communities now have county consolidated schools systems leaving these skeletons behindĀ  that stand like statues of good times gone by, driving past these old relics you hardly take notice anymore so I thought I would share a few photos.




I could not do this photo blog without starting off in Rose Farm, the school my wife attended as a child, her father worked in the coal mine and they lived right next door to the school house, her stories of life growing up there include trips to Zanesville on the old county buss system and an occasional movies at the Crooksville movie theater, all gone now but not forgotten.

This is the old Crooksville High School, there are three old school houses in Crooksville, one is abandon, one has been converted into a private residence and the other has been converted into a community center.





This is an old school house that has been converted into a private residence in Crooksville, very nice!.






The old school house at Tridelphia

The old New Straitsville high school has now been converted into an apartment building.

The old Moxahala school sets up on high a hill and you hardly even notice it while passing through this forgotten village, I cant help but think of all the unique road names every time I hear the name Maxahala, Congo road and Portie Flamingo road will both take you no-place fast, but will both lead you to Bohemian road.


The old school ruins at Rendville have a very haunting look as they peekĀ  up out of the woods and the old stone steps sort of call out as you look up them.










Murray city High School.

Old school in Corning


This is an old school house in Bruno


Old Trimble High School


and Finally the old high school building in Nelsonville

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